Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bot Brawl Event #1

Great Canadian Bot Brawl
Event #1 


The GC Bot Brawl is a new robotic competition held in Southern Ontario which show cases custom built machines by pitting them against one another in a specially built arena.

The goal of each machine will be to push their opponent out of the arena in true sumo fashion.

This event is open to the public. The only requirement is teams build robots in accordance with our rules, register and show up on competition day! Educational Teams welcome.

This will be our first event, however we plan to hold many more in the future expanding outwards to great things.

150lb sumo robots face off

Event #1

*Venue Details*
Bot Brawl Event #1 will be one of Maker Expo's premier exhibitions!
Maker Expo is Waterloo Regions newest maker based event expecting to showcase over 150 makers and host 10,000 attendees! This is going to be an amazing event!

Twitter: @makerexpo

For this event the name of the game will be robotic sumo! 30lb and 150lb robots will face off for supremacy. Robots may feature weapons designed to give them the upper hand (weapons must adhere to event rules). It will be loud, it will be brutal, it will be awesome.

If you need advice or even access to a work shop we highly recommend visiting your local MakerSpace! For advice please feel free to join the GCBotBrawl online forums to discuss with fellow competitors.

Here are just a few makerspaces;
Kitchener - Kwartzlab
Guelph -  Diyode
Toronto - Site3
Hamilton - ThinkHaus

How do I register? 
Spots are limited so register now using our online registration form!

*Registration fee required prior to event (payment through Eventbrite)
You can register now and pay later.

-$25.00CND for 150lb robots
-$15.00CND for 30lb robots
*Eventbrite fees apply
All event fees are folded back into the event, for building the arena, renting equipment etc. But also prizes!

Due to space restrictions only two competitors per robot are allowed. Competitors will be given ID badges, required to access the pit area. Additional passes may be offered on a case by case basis.
Email: gcbotbrawl@gmail.com for details and requests.

Event registrations opens May 5th 2015 and closes August 19th 2015.

To register please fill out an event registration form and use Eventbrite to pay registration fees. Using the same email for both will help us organize. Furthermore please print out and bring the Eventbrite ticket with you to the event.

Event Rules
Event Registration
Event Payment
*please use the same email as event registration for fee payment.
Event Forums
Our forums are being populated with tips and tricks for building sumo robots.

Event Date: September 19th 2015

Additional Info;

All builders are welcome, community support for this event can be found here. Use this space to talk ideas over with experienced builders, discuss active sumo and combat robots with fellow competitors.

Almost anything goes, there is no restriction to the size of shape of the robot. The only restrictions are the robot cannot pose a danger to the audience (sparks, spinning flails etc) and the robot must fit on in the arena and adhere to starting position rules.

We encourage builders to be inventive in their designs. Weapons are typically designed to break the opponents traction by lifting their wheels/tracks/legs off the ground such as inclined planes (wedges), lifting mechanisms, or low powered flippers. This is not a full combat event, as such overly destructive weapons are prohibited.

Common components include DC drill motors, wheel chair motors, power wheel motors and car window motors, sealed lead acid batteries (protected from puncture), NICAD/NIMH batteries, R/C radios (FM of better), electronic speed controllers, relays etc.

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